Delta Publishing: Relaunch

Delta Publishing is a leading worldwide ELT publisher located in London, UK. We implemented the completely new responsive website based oh the publisher’s look & feel. Our system is used for managing the backend. For the product meta data we use our SAP interface. Customer relationshop information is stored via webservices in the dialogCRM. […]

oekom - relaunch webshop

oekom: Relaunch Webshop

For oekom, leading publisher for sustainability and ecology in German-speaking area, we made happen a completely new website optimized for mobile devices. With the introduction of PIM.RED data from several interfaces were bundled central. By means of a variety of widgets the publishing house could create their websites independently. Thanks to the searchserver SolR there […]

Publishing Group  - Relaunch Webshop

Oetinger publishing group: Relaunch

For Oetinger we completely revise the responsive webshop on the base oft he Drupal architecture. The website mirrors the new brand identity oft he publishing group. The shop user finds books. e-books and audio books to well-known figures like Olchis, The Slurb and Pippi Longstocking. All other heros could be find, rummage and buy as […]

Feelings, Topkrimi for Holtzbrinck publishing: Relaunch

We relaunched for the Holtzbrinck publishing group two large thematic portals based on our new Drupal/Thunder architecture: Topkrimi and Feelings. The readers find there blogs and products of the specific genre. A specific benefit are for readers are the Weekly Deals for price reduced e-books. Technical outline data: The frontpage graphic is based on Pattern […]

Webshop Polaris Publisher

Polaris: Relaunch Webshop

Exciting thrillers from the High North: The publisher Polaris from Sweden now have his own marketing presence in the Web. It was realized by our PIM.RED as CMS that the sister company Politikens in Denmark is using, too. A special challenge was to integrate and locate it in the existing Politikens system landscape with SAP.

Behrs Verlag Relaunch Webshop

Behr’s: Relaunch Webshop

Punctually on the Frankfurt bookfair the new webpresence of Behr’s Verlag go live. Aside from the responsive conversion and a new graphic design an important aspect of the project was the optimization of business processing. The new webshop get the whole productdata woith categories, producttexts and business data from NTX and exported the orders and […]

Klett USA: Relaunch Website

The US-shop of Ernst Klett Sprachen shining in new splendour. The new website is completely  responsive and in a new design. The core piece of the website is the large offer of titles and downloads for German in foreign language. Thanks to an intelligent search- and filter function the user find the desired products fast […]

Klett Sprachen DaF Portal

Klett Sprachen: DaF Portal

For Ernst Klett Sprachen we build the new DaF portal for German as foreign language teacher. The corepiece of the website is the large offer of teaching materials that could be downloaded for free. The user exactly find what he is searching for thanks to an intelligent categorization and a fast SolR server index. Registered […]

Linde: Relaunch Webshop

For the publisher Linde in Vienna we made a new responsive web presence happen by our most up-to-date version of PIM.RED. Seminars were presented detailed, along with books, on several landing pages. Online products and online data base access are further poducttypes. A challenge in this project was the interface to MS-ERP-Navision. We integrate various […]

Dorling Kindersley: Relaunch Website

For Dorling Kindersley we made happen a completely new responsive marketing- and shop website. The users could find titles  easily with a faceted search and clear allocation of topics. There are own areas for press, sales and corporate sales. The title data get via VLB-API to the PIM.RED Backend and could be enriched there. In […]