Hanser Verlag: Relaunch online shop

Immerse Yourself in the Redesigned World of Hanser Literary Publishers! Our talented designers have passionately and creatively crafted a website that not only captivates aesthetically but also ensures a seamless user experience.

The revamped website offers more than just an enhanced search function; it houses a treasure trove of content. Dive into profound articles, inspirational posts, and captivating events that bring the world of literature to life. Explore our collection of videos and audio samples, providing you with a unique insight into our authors and their works.

One of the highlights is our Specials, offering in-depth background information on the books and the individuals behind the pages. Thanks to seamless integration with our publishing systems, we provide you with a shopping experience that delivers directly to your doorstep through our publisher service.

Discover our diverse authors, latest releases, and exciting literary events. Welcome to the world of Hanser Literary Publishers – where words come to life.