Klett Cotta Verlag: Relaunch online shop

We are pleased to introduce you to the redesigned online presence of the renowned Stuttgart-based publisher, Klett-Cotta! The new website not only offers an improved search function but also provides a wealth of additional content and information about the publisher’s books, journals, and digital products.

A highlight is the first-time access to around 30,000 journal articles from the specialist publishing program, allowing you to deepen your expertise and subscribe to the journals directly. To facilitate this, we have created seamless interfaces with existing systems Pondus, Cover, Weitkämper, and VVA delivery.

Our goal is to make the website the centerpiece of digital publishing activities and unify previously decentralized functions. In the future, for example, we will dissolve the existing publishing blogs and integrate them into the website. Additionally, we plan further expansion towards trade and licensing portals.

Managing Director Ralf Tornow aptly summarizes: “Within a few months, our dedicated project team, together with the agency Wirth & Horn Informationssysteme GmbH, has created a modern, visually appealing, and technically high-quality solution that we proudly look upon.”