Suhrkamp Insel Relaunch Wirth Horn

Suhrkamp: Relaunch Webshop

For Suhrkamp /Insel Verlag we implemented a completely new website with shopping cart optimized for mobile devices. One challenge was the comprehensive allmanac of articles, news, videos, author readings, events, etc. combined with a large number of images, U1, author photos, image rights and the very extensive program with various publishers, series, editions, edition families, work editions, etc. Together with the publisher, we have created a simple, reduced interface that connects products and information and invites you to browse, read and buy. Technologically, we work here with PIM.RED, in which the publisher processes the comprehensive content. In the frontend there is a microservice API architecture based on nodes. The images are exported directly via a Cumulus MDO engine, and the orders go directly to Zeitfracht via web services. We have connected various .json and .mxml interfaces to inxmail for the comprehensive newsletter and transactional emails. An extensive, challenging project, the result of which is impressive.